Cocaine And Alcohol Withdrawals: How Will You Feel A Morning After?

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Hello again! It’s Amanda, glad to be back after a little break. Since my last experience with alcohol and cocaine, I have had some time to reflect on many things. Coming down off coke isn’t a walk in the park, and I consider myself extremely lucky as its impact may vary from one individual to the other. Many people who indulge in cocaine binge usually do so with alcohol as well with little regard or knowledge about how extremely dangerous this mixture is. 

From my experience, I can tell why people who use cocaine and alcohol together often ignorantly do so. Coke and alcohol intensify the “high”, creating extended euphoria and mitigating the comedown of cocaine

Cocaine, as a powerful stimulant, causes an instant pleasurable effect when snorted or injected into the body; however, its effect of high is short-lived, which often leads to cocaine alcohol binging. Mixing cocaine and alcohol is so dangerous that the mixture makes it difficult to accurately predict the level of euphoria and precise state of drunkenness of a person. It is needless to say that a person whose level of intoxication is suppressed, or perception of inebriation is blocked by cocaine use, may find themselves indulging carelessly till they overdose on both substances. 

The thing about peer pressure at a party is that you may be less concerned about stuff like “how long does it take for alcohol to wear off?” The problematic aspect of this is that many people die yearly due to substance abuse-related accidents. Any mixture such as cocaine and beer and others can increase the chances of an overdose, sudden death, or accident from driving or operating dangerous equipment.

Right before I blacked-out, I remember taking a lot of alcohol even though I had little to no knowledge about coke comedown symptoms. The mix did make me extremely chatty at first, I’m not completely sure how much cocaine and champagne I had, but I sure had a good amount, coupled with the fact that I was a newbie and had little to no experience. And yes, those who use coke and alcohol more often may experience severe long-term health risks such as alcohol nose bleeds, loss of sense of smell, hoarseness, problems swallowing, and more. 

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Before my experience with alcohol and cocaine, I never really knew how to tell if someone did coke the night before or not. Although, I learned about the more obvious coming down off coke symptoms such as high mental alertness and elevated moods, extremely aggressive behaviors, and the paranoia that often followed. One thing that is very agonizing about using coke is cocaine comedown.

A lot of people still do not understand how coke works. It might seem pleasurable all at once when you first use, but the feeling is very brief, is quickly replaced by a significant dip in mood and health, which is a big risk. That feeling of depression accompanied by insomnia, sluggishness, runny nose, increased appetite, aches and pains, tremors, and others are all part of the cocaine comedown. All these signs are how to tell if someone did coke last night. 

At this point, it would be useful to share how to come down from cocaine, at least for those who may find themselves in my previous situation at the party. My best advice on how to come down from coke quickly is to stay hydrated, get some air, and get medical help immediately. Some others may have their opinion on how to come down off coke, but the most sensible thing to do Is to seek immediate medical help or advice from a doctor.

My experience has taught me to avoid drugs completely rather than seeking treatment, and I’m genuinely grateful that my bad decision did not create a lasting problem for me.

You too can learn from this by simply avoiding drugs.