Month: March 2019

The Finale

It’s Going To Be Okay

Hey, it’s Amanda, and this will be the last post of my story. In my last post, I told you everything I remember so far about that night, although I still occasionally have flashbacks of new memories. I drank way too much, did a lot of cocaine and had sex for the first time. I […]

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the overdose
The Overdose

More Firsts

We are getting close to the end of my story. This is the hardest part, but I have to share it. Here it goes. At the end of my last post, I was playing drinking games and had just snorted a line of cocaine, my first (and last) drug ever. I instantly felt awesome. I […]

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The First Drug

Never Have I Ever

We are getting to the part of the story where I tried drugs for the first (and only) time in my life. It is not something I will ever do again, and you will see why. My last post was about how I got to the big graduation party and started pouring myself drinks that […]

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pink flower

Wine Or?… Better It Was Wine

Hi, it’s Amanda. Thanks for coming back to read my story. The next part is tough for me to write, but it’s important for me to share everything with you. My last post was about how I was ill-prepared for my first party. There are a lot of precautions everyone can and should take before […]

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